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Counselling sessions are done by trained experts. We will connect your counsellor to you via phone. You don't even have to share your phone number with the counsellor. No one else will contact you at your phone number. Our system will initiate the call between you and the counsellor at your convenient time. And the session will be private; not even accessible to us. But, don't worry if you are having technical trouble during the call. You can always reach us at our number. We respect your privacy.
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As a Corporation or an Institution, you can purchase codes from us and distribute it to your employees or students. Each individual will have a unique code with which they can schedule a personal session with their counsellor at their convenience and privacy. Even outside of normal business hours.
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Introducing – A new age Mental Wellness Startup from Kerala

A high priority challenge for parents and teachers in Kerala these days is the lack of interest shown by children in their studies and the high interest and time spent by them on social media networks. The addiction to social media results in attention deficit disorders and the lack of enthusiasm and focus leads to learning disabilities.
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Media Coverage: incubated at IIMK LIVE

Our association with Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) Live Business Incubation facility has got us some media attention recently. The article by "The SME Times"? talks about how it all started as an Academic project at IIMK where our founders were doing Executive PGP to how it took shape to something that addresses a real need in the society.
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Cell Phones, Multitasking and Stress

We all think that when we are "multitasking"?, we are getting more things done at once. But, the truth is, it adds stress to our lives and without us knowing about it, we end up making mistakes in many of these tasks we do. Missing attachments in sent emails, shouting at a colleague without a reason or that one important activity taking too long than what you expected. Sounds familiar?
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